There is one product I have found like none other, the ‘Mattifying Powder’ by Arbonne. I have been in the business as a professional make-up artist for over 25 years and this product transforms your complexion with one sweep of a brush! I use it on all my clients, men and women! This product works beautifully for all skin tones because it is transparent when applied.

I have had videographers, producers, directors and photographers approach me after I touch up a client with this product just to see what I was using. The ‘Mattifying Powder’ makes that much of a difference when applied…it gives the skin the illusion of being air brushed! It acts as an oil absorber, pore minimizer, a highlighter and it replaces your compact powder.

Compact powders have pigment in them so after several hours, the compact powder blends with the oil from the skin and can cause a discoloration around the nose, brows and hairline. Arbonne’s ‘Mattifying Powder’ can be applied for 15 hours straight and never build up on the skin…truly, this product is amazing! I’ve always said if I were on “Survivor” I would have two of them…a spare in case the first one got lost!

This product appears green in the compact, but have no fear! Apply the ‘Mattifying Powder’ with a large fluff brush or a cosmetic wedge and watch the magic begin!