Image Character Impact

Outer beauty starts from within…accentuating God’s gift to you. Kindness, patience, a gentle spirit and forgiveness – these are all inner qualities we develop. In some ways, they also show through in our outer appearance. Your face is God’s canvas; and we paint on that canvas every day. How we feel … our thoughts … what we think of others … every word we speak becomes who we are. What image are you projecting? Celebrity make-up artist Krista Embry created Image Character Impact to share not only her special make-up techniques, but also her recognition that outer beauty starts from within.

Mothers as need help in guiding their daughters from their teen years into adulthood. Image Character Impact not only provides a framework to shape one’s outer beauty and inner strength, it’s also an opportunity to share meaningful moments with moms and friends. Learn to develop the principles that lead to a successful, joyful and rewarding life with Image Character Impact!
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